Harper Watch May 12 to 16, 2012

It has not yet been a week since my last Harper Watch compilation but I already have 7 new items.  The good news is that are 3 additional items that indicate that perhaps we are seeing the beginning of a Canadian Spring.

1) Streamlining the dragonfly

Important information in this article.   The Harper government:

  •  turned to a “free” Italian service based in Rome to help with emergency Search and Rescue calls!
  •  cut 1000 EI appeals jobs – so if EI denies you benefits, good luck in appealing it.
  •  is “streamlining”  fisheries licencing rules to allow access to  corporate interests  at the expense of local owner-operators.


2) Government to allow slaughterhouses to process dead animals

(Yes, you read it right!!!)


3) Bill C-38 repeals the Fair Wages and Hours of Labour Act.

Patrick Martin, May 20, 1012, House of Commons


What does Section 1.2 of the code really mean –  “CBC/Radio-Canada staff must loyally carry out the decisions of their leaders, and support ministers in their accountability to Parliament and Canadians.”

4) Major changes to Employment Insurance in the works

If Bill C-38 passes, the cabinet will be able to define what kinds of jobs someone receiving employment insurance payments must accept. will pass from the House of Commons and the courts to the cabinet. Yesterday, the bill passed second reading.


5) Tories’ Orwellian Stranglehold on the Press

Senatrice Céline Hervieux Payette

On December 21, 2011, the Conservative government imposed a type of “pledge of allegiance” on all federal institutions through a so-called values and ethics code. The code describes the values and behaviours expected of public officials in all activities related to the performance of their professional duties. This so-called code was established by the Treasury Board, in accordance with section 5 of the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act.


6) The power of the Prime Minister

Business leaders worry about raising a voice for fear of reprisal. Local media that are “out of line” get punished.

Just this week the Liberal House Leader was told by his Conservative counterpart that an Opposition Day was being shifted to a Friday because an earlier motion had compared the Harper cuts to the Ontario Harris Government’s cuts that led to the Walkerton tragedy. That “went too far” and so wings had to be clipped.


7) Billing records cast doubt on culprits behind campaign robocalls

Is this the end of the Guelph Robocalls investigation?



1) Physicians occupied MP’s office over cuts to refugee health care


Incredible 5 minute video – 90 doctors protest cuts to refugee health care at Joe Oliver’s constituency office.


2) Charities silenced by taxman

Note, the author of this article, Gerry Nicholls was vice president of the National Citizens Coalition while Harper was president. So it would appear Nicholls is saying Harper has sold out the libertarian values he was fighting for.


3) Chinese firm’s Canadian contracts raise security fears

Barred by the U.S. and Australia, tech giant Huawei makes inroads in Canada

The former head of U.S. counter-espionage says the Harper government is putting North American security at risk by allowing a giant Chinese technology company to participate in major Canadian telecommunications projects…..

Even Canada’s own intelligence agencies have warned the Harper government of the risks of throwing open the door to Chinese telecom companies



Fight for Democracy Petition

Mail-in petition to the House of Commons.


FROM: Dr. Kirsty Duncan,  Environment Critic, Liberal Party of Canada

Think the Conservatives 425-page omnibus budget implementation bill is only about Canada’s finances? Think again.   Bill C-38 amends over 70 different Acts, and 150 pages of the bill could end over 50 years of environmental oversight in Canada.

Within weeks, with next to no debate, and barely any public discussion, this budget could become law – unless you take a stand.

SIGN PETITION: http://petition.liberal.ca/warn-canadians-harper-ending-environmental-protection-repeal-kyoto-budget/


About TheAlektera

I am a Canadian who, like many is upset at the state of our country under the Harper Regime. I do not wish to see Canada change into Harperland under the Harper Government. This blog will help document the actions of the Harper government which are eroding Canada's democratic process.
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