Harper Watch May 18 to 23, 2012


Conservatives ask court to dismiss election case

Conservative MPs are asking the Federal Court to dismiss an application to review the federal election results in seven ridings.  (includes 600 comments from mostly outraged readers.)


Even the commenters on the traditionally Conservative Ottawa Citizen are outraged


Toronto riding’s election result tossed by judge

Conservative MP Ted Opitz’s 2011 federal election win in Etobicoke Centre was declared null and void today in a challenge by former Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj.


Feds Undercut BC’s Oil Spill Prevention Panel

Tories rewriting safety regs with no input from their own expert panel, says member.


Robocalls: A year in, report on Elections Canada probe of mystery calls expected soon

Excellent article by the 2 journalists who broke the story:  “And sources say that people with knowledge of the inner workings of the Burke campaign.

have not been forthcoming with investigators. “The guys are waiting it out,” said one person who spoke on condition of anonymity. “From my understanding, their lawyers are just saying there’s nothing they can do to stick it to them.”


Ottawa prepares to intervene in CP strike

First Canada Post, then Air Canada, now CP rail.  The end of collective bargaining rights.



Versailles on the Ottawa

After an intervention by Baird on behalf of his “dear friend”, Minister Finley decided to over-rule her departmental officials and approve an application knowing that it came “with a number of weaknesses.” And that’s how being the friend of a cabinet minister at Versailles can be worth a million dollars – and how one of the 82 or higher scores was cheated out of a fair selection process.


Forget tuition fees: If anything calls for a riot, it’s Harper’s stealth governance

Canadians have taken to the streets on several occasions. I think of the 1994 Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup win, when my Atwater neighbourhood was gleefully razed. We marched during the 1995 referendum, solemnly, meaningfully. In 2001, Canadian youth and their houseguests refurbished

Quebec City because of a G8 buffet lunch. Then we trashed Vancouver because, dude, we lost! Now, students in Montreal are going all intifada because their tuition is to be hiked $1,700 over seven years – 10 good shifts waiting tables at a St. Laurent bistro, if I remember correctly.

By those standards, commuters should be bemoaning the traffic disruptions caused by gargantuan anti-omnibus-bill marches. Yet the Official Opposition has yet to muster anything meaningful on C-38: The NDP has held a series of meetings; attendees included some party members, an activist and a guy looking for a veggie platter.


The troubling truth about free trade


Increase text size  As soon as it won its coveted majority, the Harper government put the pedal to the metal on the trade front, with a stampede of new free-trade deals. The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade currently lists 18 different deals in play, ranging from puny (Panama and Jordan) to gargantuan (Europe, Japan and India).

Anyone who stands in the way of this juggernaut clearly must oppose trade in general. At least that’s how the Conservatives portray the issue, attempting to brand its New Democratic opponents as economically illiterate dinosaurs.



Tory MP backs off budget bill concerns

Lack of debate in Conservative caucus concerns some backbenchers, B.C. MP tells constituents


If you live in a Conservative riding tell your MP to oppose the budget bill.  Sample letter:

Dear Conservative MP,

As a member of the Conservative Party, it is common knowledge that you are not allowed by your leader, Stephen Harper, to speak about issues in an unscripted manner, even in your own constituency. I have also observed that during Question Period and Debate in the House of Commons, Conservative MPs often either completely avoid answering a question posed by the Opposition, or repeat the same (often unrelated) message over and over again, from a script or even a pamphlet.

Although I understand that Stephen Harper might want to maintain a consistent and simple message for public consumption in order to avoid close scrutiny of his policies, I cannot, in all good faith, believe that every Conservative MP can set aside their own values and morals, and with clear conscience continue to blatantly mislead Canadians and make a mockery of Parliament.

Although this sort of system may be a dream come true for someone of Mr. Harper’s ambitions, I cannot believe that those of you who have been members of Parliament for many years truly believe that the methods used by the Prime Minister to push through his policies are beneficial to Canada. The fact that he does not allow you to speak to your own constituents in a free manner only goes to show how little trust he puts in his own Party members.

Don’t think that the way he treats you has gone unnoticed by the public. It is no coincidence that all campaigns against the policies of the “Harper Government” are aimed at the man himself. We know that he controls you almost to the point where you yourself have become irrelevant. It would seem to me that, having worked so hard to get where you are, you might have enough pride and self-worth not to let one man erode any respect that you may still have from Canadians.

I invite you to put some serious thought into your predicament. Stephen Harper’s “reign” will not last beyond the next election if it even lasts that long. Canadians will be on guard against election fraud and will not forget the abuse of power perpetrated by this government. Nor will they forgive the dismantling of important acts and programs that have served to define and protect us as Canadians. If you want to end up on the right side of history, I would suggest you take the opportunity to cross the floor or sit as an independent now before the Conservative Party is embroiled in yet another “scandal” or more serious breach of trust.



About TheAlektera

I am a Canadian who, like many is upset at the state of our country under the Harper Regime. I do not wish to see Canada change into Harperland under the Harper Government. This blog will help document the actions of the Harper government which are eroding Canada's democratic process.
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