Harper Watch – July 19 to 25, 2012


G&M  (John Ibbitson) – Like Energizer Bunny, Harper could go on and on

The Prime Minister has gone from being an inexperienced newcomer in foreign affairs to one of the developed world’s longest-serving heads of government. He takes a personal interest in aboriginal affairs issues, in natural resources, in trade, in – well, you name it.

 (This article is replete with absurd spinning of facts and twists of logic in praise of Harper.  There are over 1000 reader comments to this article and any way you sort them, it is clear that readers do not have the same view of Dear Leader as Ibbitson does.)

ipolitics (Michael Harris) – The prime minister of Calgary

Then somewhere between skipping the Beijing Olympics and arriving at the Great Wall of China slack-jawed with awe and admiration, Stephen Harper underwent a sea-change. Parson Steve evolved into Sales Manager Steve, Cheerleader-in-Chief of Big Biz. The Bad China now became China the Rich Uncle. Commerce not morality is the lynchpin of the Harper government’s new China policy.


Election results challenge to go ahead in Federal Court

The Federal Court is letting a challenge proceed regarding the 2011 election results in seven ridings across the country.

A group of voters, backed by the Council of Canadians, wants the court to overturn the results because of allegations of misleading phone calls that attempted to send voters to the wrong polling stations.

Toronto Star – Despite Stephen Harper’s recalcitrance, a responsible energy strategy is emerging

Sensible proposals for a national energy strategy are surfacing in the provincial capitals, in the business community, even in the Senate this summer. The nation clearly wants to move ahead, with or without its hidebound prime minister.

CBC – Hamilton doctors protest at federal announcement

Two McMaster doctors interrupted a federal funding announcement in Hamilton on Thursday to voice their concerns over refugee health care….

O’Shea asked why the federal government hasn’t met with the Canadian Doctors for Refugee Health Care, a national collective that formed this year in response to cuts to refugee benefits.


CBC – Glencore gets federal approval for Viterra takeover

The federal government signed off Sunday on Glencore International PLC’s bid to acquire Canadian agribusiness giant Viterra Inc, bringing the Swiss commodities supplier’s multi-billion dollar transaction one step closer to completion.

(Reader Comment on this article:   More foreign ownership. This creates a path for Canadian wealth to leave the country. The initial investment helps a tad but it forever bleeds the country of wealth. Think of when corporate taxes lower even further. Which of course they will.  This makes the fact that we’re Canadians with vast resources, irrelevant.)

CBC – N.S. premier finds Ottawa’s aloofness ‘troubling’

Canada’s premiers haven’t had a group sit-down meeting with Stephen Harper since the last meeting of first ministers in 2009.

Dexter told guest host Susan Lunn “if we’re not going to have the traditional first ministers meeting, then what is the method that we are going to use?… This is something we are struggling with.”

Canada.com –  Premiers hope to forge common ground on health, energy despite Harper’s absence

HALIFAX – Canada’s premiers will try to forge a common front when they meet this week to discuss a range of contentious issues, including health care, energy and the economy, while pushing back against a federal government some of them say has shut the door on talks.

Military shuts down controversial outreach program for MPs, Senators

…the visits became controversial earlier this year when it was revealed air force officers gathered information on MacKay’s political opponents in an effort to help out the beleaguered defence minister.

The Canadian Forces later defended its decision to collect such information and turn it over to MacKay’s office, saying the process was no different than its efforts to gather facts for the public and news media.

(Does anyone really believe that the officers took the initiative to gather information on visiting opposition members?  My guess is they were told to do so by MacKay’s office then when the story broke, they were told to take the blame for it.   I understand from people in the public service that this is the way this government operates.)

Fewer Canada border officers means more gun smuggling, Customs and Immigration Union says

In the midst of growing concerns over deadly gun play in Toronto, the Conservative government has made it easier to smuggle illegal firearms into Canada, an official with the Customs and Immigration Union says.

“The fact is (Public Safety Minister) Vic Toews just cut 1,300 jobs from the Canada Border Services Agency … and there is no question that cutting those jobs makes it easier to smuggle,”

(Of course the government provides a different number but there are only so many lies you can tell before people stop believing anything you say.)



Are you fed up with the poor news coverage on The National, the At Issue Panel, the superficial topics addressed on CBC radio?  Complete the Reimagine CBC survey.  This organization which  is supported by Lead Now and the Toronto Star seems to be on the right track in its programming suggestions.

Reimagine CBC

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I am a Canadian who, like many is upset at the state of our country under the Harper Regime. I do not wish to see Canada change into Harperland under the Harper Government. This blog will help document the actions of the Harper government which are eroding Canada's democratic process.
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