Harper Watch – July 26 to August 1, 2012

ipolitics – Appointing third-party manager to Attawapiskat ‘unreasonable’: federal court

It was “unreasonable in all circumstances” for the federal government to  appoint a third-party manager in response to an unfolding humanitarian  crisis in the troubled First Nations community of Attawapiskat, the Federal  Court ruled Wednesday.

(NOTE:  While the Federal Court takes pains to point out that it found no evidence Ottawa was playing politics with the community the facts are damning.   Harper stated in the House back in November that the government had invested more than $90 million in the community in recent years.  The implication was that this amount was for housing.  The truth is that education and health care on First Nations reserves are funded by the federal government and not the province so this amount was for ALL the reserve’s expenses.  Either Harper lied and was indeed playing politics or he was uninformed in which case he should acknowledge his error and apologize.  In addition Rick Dykstra the Conservative representative on Power and Politics (August 1) piles lies on top of the lies and says that the third party manager was not tasked to do a financial audit but with ensuring health and safety!!!   Power and Politics host Evan Solomon doesn’t let him get away with it.   You can view the interview here.  Well worth watching.)

TWO GREAT REPORTS ON THE COUNCIL OF THE FEDERATION MEETING (Provincial premiers’ meeting which Stephen Harper declined to attend.)

ipolitics (Micheal Harris) – Harper rethinking myopic decision to close research lakes: Selinger

Despite claims by the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Environment Canada that Ottawa worked with its provincial partners in this matter, Premier Selinger says that both Manitoba, which houses the Freshwater Water Institute, and Ontario, where the 58 lakes of the experimental complex are located outside Kenora, were blindsided by the decision.

ipolitics (Michael Harris) – The federation strikes back

Stephen Harper’s preeminence as the distant father, and often the bully-in-chief of Canadian politics, is finally being challenged by a group he ignores at his peril, Canada’s premiers and territorial leaders.

Let it be clear: one premiers’ meeting does not a Canadian Spring make, but the icy grip of the Harper regime is beginning to melt.


CBC – PMO says Harper will not attend first ministers meeting

Premiers at the Council of the Federation meetings in Halifax said they need to sit down with Harper to get a better sense of Canada’s position in turbulent economic times.  Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter issued the call along with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and Premier Alison Redford of Alberta.   “We are talking about something that is fundamental to the best interests of the Canadian public — a strong economy,” Dexter said at the time.

TWO MUST READ ARTICLES – On CNOOC’s bid for purchase of NEXEN

G&M  (Jeffrey Simpson) – Oil-patch ironies aside, many questions for Harper

Those who have discussed the issue with him report that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been worried a state-owned company, likely from China, would take a run at a major Canadian energy producer.

Ottawa Citizen (Terry Glavin)- The ‘petro dictators’ are among us

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark’s belated but necessary assertion of B.C.’s bottom lines on the preposterously irresponsible $5.6 billion Enbridge Inc. pipeline-and-tanker scheme has caused a great deal of windy indignation to erupt from Ottawa. Clark is hijacking the prospects for a national energy strategy, we’re told. Even worse, what’s at stake is the delicate balance of Confederation itself.

Canada.com – Incoming head of Canadian Medical Association sees a ‘deeply demoralized’medical profession

Earlier this year outgoing CMA president Dr. John Haggie accused the Harper government of gnawing away at the country’s social safety net, warning that plans to raise the pension eligibility age to 67 would force low-income seniors to choose between buying groceries or buying medicine.

Reid says the profession has become “deeply demoralized” through the years because of a “top-down, this-is-what’s-going-to-happen” approach to local health planning and a federal government that seems to be distancing itself from health care.

G&M (Lawrence Martin) – Religion’s fair game if it motivates politics

Much has been made of the government’s muzzling of the science community, its low regard for statistics, its hard line against environmentalists.

Because Stephen Harper otherwise appears to be a clear-headed rationalist,there is some wonder about the motivation for these impulses, including the question of whether they are triggered by his evangelical beliefs.

Embassy (Yves Engler)- Harper is building the foundation for constant war

The Conservatives are setting up overseas bases, increasing the military’s size, and making Canadian society more militaristic. Now, the head of the military wants to get to work.

G&M – Man vying for broadcast licence urged to donate to Tory fundraiser

The chairman of a proposed new Toronto radio station says he was asked to attend and contribute to a Conservative fundraiser while he was applying for a new federal broadcasting licence.

Ottawa Citizen – Former PMO staffer, Bruce Carson, charged with influence peddling

A former senior staffer in the prime minister’s office with a string of fraud convictions has been charged with defrauding the government.

Bruce Carson, 66, allegedly “accepted a commission for a third party in connection with a business matter relating to the government,” according to the RCMP. He has been charged with one count of fraud on the government, also known as influence peddling.


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I am a Canadian who, like many is upset at the state of our country under the Harper Regime. I do not wish to see Canada change into Harperland under the Harper Government. This blog will help document the actions of the Harper government which are eroding Canada's democratic process.
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