Remember the living too

While watching Remembrance Day television programs such as “Remembering Juno” and others this weekend, I was deeply moved by the sacrifice made by Canadian soldiers, both living and dead, in the wars in which Canada participated.  Whether one believes in the reasons behind the fighting, we must nevertheless recognise the ultimate sacrifice made by these men and women and their families.  Indeed, many of the hard-won freedoms that we enjoy might not be possible were it not for these brave souls.  And while we mourn those who died in the conflicts and take the time on a yearly basis to remember them, it is only right that we also honour those who survived, our Canadian veterans.  Many still relive the horrors of war and deal with the aftermath on a daily basis. How is it possible then, that we allow there to be homeless veterans, veterans without adequate health or mental health benefits and, as a final insult, veterans without the means for an honourable burial upon their passing? How is it possible that we have a federal government that would take veterans to court to the tune of over $750,000 in an attempt to deny them their rightful benefits? How can members of a “strong, stable, Conservative majority government” stand there in a Remembrance Day ceremony appearing to honour our fallen soldiers when they fail to honour those still living? Our soldiers and veterans deserve better, as do all Canadians.


About TheAlektera

I am a Canadian who, like many is upset at the state of our country under the Harper Regime. I do not wish to see Canada change into Harperland under the Harper Government. This blog will help document the actions of the Harper government which are eroding Canada's democratic process.
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