Harper Watch – June 24 to 29, 2013


Toronto Star – Trevor Greene: From one battlefield to another
Canadian soldier who survived axe attack in Afghanistan doesn’t like what’s happening in Canadian politics.

When I read about ministers of the Crown attacking and smearing heroes like David Suzuki, who are trying to put us on a more sustainable pathway, I wonder what’s happened to Canada. I fear for the kind of world my daughter and son stand to inherit should we cave in to this oil-driven agenda. Not a good one, I am certain.

Pembina Institute – Pembina reacts to Obama’s new climate plan

CALGARY — Ed Whittingham, executive director of the Pembina Institute, made the following statement in response to U.S. President Barack Obama’s speech announcing his climate action plan:

“President Obama’s new plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions in the United States puts Canada significantly out of step with its closest neighbour and largest trading partner, and moves the U.S. well ahead of Canada in terms of tackling climate change.

“Obama’s statement that climate concerns are ‘absolutely critical’ to assessing whether the Keystone XL pipeline should be approved is a measured and cautious approach. Our analysis shows that filling the proposed pipeline with oilsands bitumen would require a 36 per cent increase in production from today’s levels. In terms of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions, that’s the equivalent of adding more than 4 million cars to the road.

“Today’s announcements also draw a sharp contrast between Obama’s determination to cut greenhouse gas pollution and the lack of serious action from the Harper government.



Huffington Post (Elizabeth May) – Election Scandals Didn’t Start With Robocalls

Lately, a lot of allegations have been made that there were election irregularities and some outright crimes committed in the 2011 election. What we do not know is who was responsible. But we may be dealing with a serial offender, or offenders. When one thinks about the election skulduggery of the last six years, it is clear that Canada does a poor job of getting to the bottom of some serious crimes.

CBC News -Conservative MPs seek $355K in legal costs in election robocalls case

Seven Conservative MPs have submitted a combined bill of $355,907 for costs they want paid by a handful of voters who received misleading robocalls during the last general election, and had challenged them in court.

On Monday, a spokesperson for the Council of Canadians called the $355,000 tab “an outrageous amount,” adding the council has not been able yet to raise the “already discounted” fees the voters incurred in the legal battle, let alone the MPs’ costs.

In his ruling, Justice Mosley had plenty to say about costs in the case, particularly costs run up due to what he called “trench warfare” waged by the MPs. He accused the MPs of trying to “block these proceedings by any means” and ordered them to pay the costs of many motions they introduced that ended up delaying the proceedings.

CBC – MP Dean Del Mastro donor records seized in election probe
Records obtained from Elections Canada suggest the agency has deepened its investigation into donations to Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro. Lists of contributors to Del Mastro’s 2008 federal campaign have been seized by the commissioner of Canada Elections, the records show. If the commissioner thinks criminal charges are warranted, he can refer the case to the director of public prosecutions, who decides whether to press charges.

The investigation seems to relate to allegations reported by Postmedia and the Ottawa Citizen that employees of a company owned by Del Mastro’s cousin were reimbursed by the company for donations to Del Mastro’s campaign. It’s illegal in Canada to conceal the source of a donation to a candidate.

Ottawa Citizen – Saskatchewan ridings robocall ‘followed the rules,’ prime minister says
(But one Conservative MP doesn’t agree.)
The prime minister said Wednesday that a controversial “push poll” in Saskatchewan followed all the rules, hours after a senior Conservative MP from that province denounced the robocall as “deceptive” and said the party’s political director should be held responsible.

On Tuesday, after an American forensic audio analyst matched a voice message associated with the robocall to the owner of Conservative call provider RackNine Inc., DeLorey issued a statement for the party taking responsibility for the calls and saying there had been an “internal miscommunication.”



(I know, that just doesn’t sound right)

CTV News – Search warrants issued in RCMP’s probe of Mike Duffy’s expenses
Search warrants have been issued as part of the RCMP’s criminal investigation of Sen. Mike Duffy, CTV News has learned…. But the judge who granted the warrants also issued a sealing order. That means details of what the RCMP are looking for will be kept under wraps.


iPolitics (Lawrence Martin) – The cracks in Fortress Harper start to spread 
“My goodness, the Senate does work.”   That was the reaction from Liberal Senator Jim Munson to the gutting of a draconian union-disclosure bill by the Senate this week. “It was quite a moment,” said Munson. “I thought maybe six Conservatives would vote against the bill. Turned out there was 16.”

His reaction was echoed by many across the political spectrum. The undemocratic practice of Senate rubber-stamping, of voting according to party dictate, took a heavy hit with this vote.

Ottawa Citizen – Conservative senators who helped ‘gut’ union spending bill get stern warning
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office has issued a stern warning to Conservative senators who helped gut a controversial bill that would force unions to publicly disclose details of their spending.

On Wednesday, 16 Tory senators bucked the government’s wishes and joined their Liberal counterparts in approving a number of amendments to bill C-377, while another four abstained.



Trudeau Protest Was Manned By Tory Interns And Organized By PMO
HuffPost has learned the PMO assembled several Conservative party interns and staff to draw up signs mocking Trudeau after being tipped off by Twitter that the Liberal leader planned to announce new measures to increase transparency in the House of Commons outside Parliament near the Centennial Flame. Holding signs quoting Tory attack ads, the young Conservatives stood behind Trudeau’s podium during his televised speech.

Ottawa Citizen – Statistics Canada clients see ‘gaps’ in latest survey analysis
Clients of Statistics Canada are concerned about “gaps” in the agency’s latest analysis of Canadian data published in the past week, casting doubt about whether they have enough information about trends to make good decisions and policies….

Christian Leger, the president of the Statistical Society of Canada, said the federal agency succeeded in getting a better response rate than private polling firms because of its brand name. But he said a non-response rate in the voluntary survey of 32 per cent opens the door to numerous problems when compared to the six per cent non-response rate from the mandatory long-form census in 2006.

Canada.com – Fire chiefs slam cuts to emergency preparedness in wake of Alberta flooding

OTTAWA — Aside from the great support offered by Canadian Forces personnel, the federal government has done nothing but get in the way during the Alberta floods, the president of the Alberta Fire Chiefs Association said Friday.

In a candid interview with Postmedia News as he drove home to Lethbridge after a week in High River, where the worst of the flooding has occurred, Chief Brian Cornforth didn’t mince words as he slammed Public Safety Minister Vic Toews and his government’s response to the disaster, as well as its funding cuts to emergency preparedness.

“The federal government, they can just stay in Ottawa. They got in the way,” he said, singling out Toews, who visited High River on Wednesday.

“Coming into the site, it’s pretty hard to deal with those guys because they require a lot of resources to provide them security. Unless they’re directly in charge of the military and have a functional role, it’s really just posing.”

Cornforth said the federal government talks a good game on public safety but hasn’t been much of a partner. He said he’s sickened by near daily reports of misspending at the “highest levels of government” when funding is being cut for things like emergency preparedness and urban search and rescue.

Budget 2012 effectively slashed federal funding for the Joint Emergency Preparedness Program which has provided nearly $184 million to the provinces and territories for projects related to emergency preparedness, urban search and rescue and critical infrastructure protection since 1980.



VIDEO: Operation Maple – The Secret Agreement That Will Ruin Your Life



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