We’ve all grown up with a certain perspective about Canada, what it means to be Canadian, how we wish to be perceived as Canadians. Our Canada has always been a country where looking after each other was more important than getting ahead, making more money and acquiring more stuff. Where the words “social safety net” were not sneered at or feared but were something to aspire to. Where women could be proud of their hard-won rights and look forward to an even brighter future for their daughters. Where nobody would be denied quality health care because they couldn’t afford it. Where immigrants and refugees could come with their families and forge a better life, and at the same time, enrich us with their thoughts and customs. Where we understood and appreciated the wild beauty and vastness of this land, and tried our best to preserve it and keep it safe. A country where people could speak their minds, whether it was their own opinion or to expose wrongdoing they’d discovered, without fear of persecution. A country which was regarded in the International Community as a non-partisan bastion of human rights, dedicated to fostering peace and justice in the world.

Since 2006, slowly, and sometimes not so subtly, we’ve seen our Canada change and become tarnished. We’ve seen long-cherished values, and hard-won rights and achievements be unceremoniously swept away and buried, covered up under blatant lies. We’ve seen our country’s global reputation reduced from being admired and respected and even loved, to being the subject of anger, ridicule and yes, even loathing.

That this could all happen in a few years with Canada in a minority government was astounding. And now to see what is happening to our beautiful country under a Harper majority is heart-breaking. Never before has an elected government given us cause for such apprehension – but also for such hope that Canadians will engage in the process of governing their country. We’ve seen social media explode with opinion and debate. Students have become involved and have filled the streets, taking democracy into their own hands and have made a difference.  Scientists and doctors, not generally known for taking to the streets in protest have done so and have been supported by thousands of their fellow Canadians.  First Nations and environmentalists have joined forces to protect the environment.

Will all of this be enough to reclaim the Canada we were once so proud of? Time is growing short as more and more legislation is changed or repealed:  twenty years’ worth of hard-won laws to protect our environment – obliterated by one omnibus bill;  environmentalists demonized by “Honourable” Members of Parliament; protection of women’s rights, seniors’ benefits, workers’ rights, internet privacy – eroded;  scientists and whistleblowers silenced and discredited; veterans’ benefits and aboriginal children’s health – challenged in court by our own government using taxpayers’ money; and finally, most dangerous of all, aggressive attempts by the Harper government to crush any investigation into the election fraud that took place during the 2011 federal election.

Those who have a long history of voting Conservative, please understand: the Harper Conservatives are not the PC’s of the past, they are the Reform Party, based on neo-conservative, Evangelical Christian values – think radical, right-wing religious. Is that our Canada?

Every day, there are media reports on some fresh horror perpetrated on our cherished Canadian values by the Harper government. Some would make for great entertainment were there not so much at stake.  Worried that important issues might be lost and forgotten in the deluge of disasters emanating from Parliament Hill, we created this blog as a partial record of the Harper government’s crimes against Canada and the world.  We hope that you use it and share it so that we never forget what the Harper government has done to our country. After the next election, we look forward to once again being able to say “the Government of Canada” with the pride we once felt in being Canadian.

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  1. Walt says:

    Great site. Thanks for your time and energy keeping it up to date. Very useful info.

  2. Bob Grainger says:

    Very impressive collection of information. I am very happy that someone is doing this work. Keep it up! I will pass on the web-site to friends.

  3. Dave Turchynsky says:

    Are you willing to do some historical research to reveal the rise of fascism in Canada?

    • TheAlektera says:

      This blog is the best I can do Dave. What is important is that many journalists are now starting to use the right terms to describe this govt – Orwellian, regime, anti-democratic, bullying, creeping fascism.

  4. Todd Boyer says:

    Glad I found this site. It’s great that you have compiled all of Harper’s misdeeds in one journal. I’d love to see you folks create a page on Facebook. I subscribe to a few anti-Harper pages on fb and believe your information would be an extremely valuable resource if posted there.

    • TheAlektera says:

      Hi Todd, Thanks for the feedback. Its great to know that the effort is appreciated. As for facebook, you might want to join the group Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper.

  5. Todd Boyer says:

    Hi and thanks for the reply. I am a member of CRUSH, are you affiliated or the same folks ?

  6. Dave Turchynsky says:

    I can’t speak for TheAlektera, but I am a member of CRUSH on Facebook. I think I’ve seen your name there but can’t say for sure. My brain has been in a diabetic cloud lately.

  7. fem_progress says:

    Added to my blogroll.

    We are all volunteers but together we paint a pretty accurate picture.

  8. very impressed. Way back when..I started bookmarking Harper related news items for future reference. Over just one year, my bookmarks file was massive and disorganized, and I stopped saving everything…hoping for a site just like this. Thank you!

  9. Dean says:

    Just discovered your blog while searching for the name of the legal advisor who resigned from Harper’s employ in the last month or so, citing disregard for his opinion that Bills introduced would not stand up to Constitutional challenge.
    His move got fleeting media attention, despite how profound his observations are regarding what is happening.
    Can you, or anyone advice me of who it was?

  10. cheena1 says:

    looked in all the Feb blogs and could not find it. also, there doesn’t seem to be a Feb 7 to 15 …… just sayin…….

  11. Awesome!!!! Thx so much! Hope to see y’all on CRUSH!

  12. Thanks for compiling the litany of misdeeds of the odious Harper Conservatives! Thought you’d be interested in this opinion piece just released today in “The Scientist”:


  13. John Chabordnik says:

    Keep up the good work! With your site, we will Stop Harper!

  14. Brian says:

    This is a really great site! I use the same theme for one of my own sites. Could you add the “Follow” widget so we can follow your updates? Also, adding tags would help us with our individual research projects to aid in our common cause of tossing this piece of work out of office. Thanks for all the hours and work you do to make this possible… 🙂

  15. Please make a Facebook page that mirrors this, Individual blogs are too hard to keep up with.Thanks and Keep up with the good work.

    • TheAlektera says:

      Jamie, you can follow @ReclaimDemocracy on twitter or click on Follow at the bottom of the Harper Watch homepage and you will have each new update delivered to your email inbox. You could also join the CRUSH, Canadians Rallying to Defeat Stephen Harper facebook group which I often use as a source to compile HW.

  16. cheena1 says:

    This article caught me up short …. It’s like you were inside my heart and head – deciphering my exact thoughts and feelings for the public! You have expressed exquisitely the pain, heartache, and extreme frustration I feel every day, whether it’s reading of his latest traitorous and despicable act, or just reliving some of the news from last week.

  17. jimbo says:

    We must get more people to realize what your blog is trying to do so we can get rid of this corrupt party in 2015!!!

  18. BJ says:

    I have a great “STOP Harper” picture (you’ll love it) and will gladly give it to publish here but don’t see a way to sent it to anywhere. Any e-mail address to contact?

  19. Carol Gordon says:

    I would very much like to see a list (perhaps by category) of all the changes the Conservative government is making to Canada. It seems with what you are doing here perhaps this is something that your site could offer us as well. It sure would be helpful to see the long long list as it will give the whole picture. What do you think?

    • TheAlektera says:

      Thank you for your suggestion Carol. At this time, the best way to access information by category on this site is to click on/search a particular tag, for example Environment. It’s funny you should ask about a list though, because there is an excellent project in the works right now that will provide just what you’re thinking. I will definitely be posting more information about it once it is launched!

  20. Patrick Kinnear AKA Gippie says:

    This is a great idea. I am a retired PS and active in the Retired Members Guild of PIPSC and am very active in the Cdn Union Activists/Militants Syndicaux FB site.
    Having all this information in one place about Our Dear Leader and his band of followers is just what is needed.
    Thanks for setting this up.

  21. John Peate says:

    I today sent a long letter to the Toronto Star and have distributed the content among my contacts a substantial part of which was based on information found here. I did not see any way to directly contact Harperwatch to inform it I was doing so but exoect that you will not object. I felt that I should let you know.

  22. citizenfirst says:

    Here is another article Pollievre had robocalls company….may still have one:

  23. Barry J says:

    I really appreciate your blog. Please keep it up.
    Here’s an article you may wish to post:
    PS I learned about you from a TorStar article by Heather Mallick.

  24. BJ says:

    Great read and so true! Can anyone track Harper’s delegations trips abroad and the costs associated with all of them? Could anyone assess the costs of bringing a security limousine to India some time ago and all those extravagancies that have heavy burden for the taxpayers? Is it al government of the people, by the people, for the people?

  25. brimstoner says:

    Great site, Canadians who love Canada need a central repository to document our sorry recent history.

    I have a request – please find someone to do an investigation of Bill C-28 (or a link to someone who already has), which will grant monopoly powers to seed suppliers. This is more important to our future than anyone knows.

    This podcast gives some background: http://podcast.cbc.ca/mp3/podcasts/ideas_20140417_81847.mp3

    Sorry to post this here, but I didn’t see any way to contact you. Keep up the good work.

    • TheAlektera says:

      Hi brimstoner – thank you for your comments. The organization Cban is working to raise awareness about Bill C-18 that will give companies like Monsanto control over our seeds. They would probably be the best group to contact about this issue. Their website is cban.ca
      Hope that helps!

  26. Gayle Neilson says:

    Here’s an important link about how Canada (under Harper) is breaking its own laws:


  27. calgary411 says:

    Does anyone here know about FATCA and the IGA signed and implemented in Omnibus Bill C-31?

    Canadian Sovereignty and all interested in its protection: http://www.adcs-adsc.ca/, right now raising money to sue the Harper Conservative government for the signing and implementing an intergovernmental agreement with the U.S. for US FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) to override Canadian laws and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Constitutional lawyer, Joseph Arvay, will represent *US-defined US Persons* in Canada.

    I just sent this email in response to a reply I got from the Liberal Party of Canada.

    From: carol t
    Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2015 12:45 PM
    To: Liberal / Assistance ; Justin Trudeau ; Matt Grant ; Ted Hsu ; Scott Brison
    Cc: Michelle.Rempel@parl.gc.ca ; Finance Minister Joe Oliver ; Prime Minister Stephen Harper
    Subject: Re: Reply from the Liberal Party of Canada – FACTA

    Dear Liberal Party of Canada,

    Thank you for answering one of my many queries. Could you please comment further on the following.

    1) Regarding your “The Government of Canada has a responsibility to stand up for its citizens when foreign governments are encroaching on their rights. The deal reached between the Government and the U.S. is insufficient to protect affected Canadians. Liberals believe Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird should have asked the U.S. for amnesty against penalties as the IRS’s Foreign Bank Account Reporting requirements were not adequately communicated to dual-citizens living in Canada. In addition, we encouraged Finance Minister Joe Oliver to work to amend the agreement so that the IRS would not tax savings vehicles such as TFSAs and RESPs. We were pleased to learn these registered plans have since been exempted from reporting by the banks but continue to worry that the IRS may view them as taxable when dual citizens file their returns.”

    Weasel words that the Canadian registered accounts are exempt. They are only exempt for the banks, not the US-defined US citizen and his/her US tax compliance. Does the Harper Government of Canada condone US tax evasion for those US-defined US citizens in Canada who hold Canadian registered accounts?

    One of the one most repugnant consequences of a US-defined *US citizenship* to me is the yearly cost of US tax and accounting professionals to assist with compliance. I have dropped $42,000 from my entirely Canadian-earned and taxed retirement savings for advice and services of US tax law, accounting and immigration/nationality law professionals. The only $$$ that actually went to the US IRS was for the Canadian Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) that I am the Holder for on behalf of my Canadian-born and raised son who has NEVER lived in the US nor had any benefit at all from the US, only from his home / birth country, Canada, where all of his family lives. I forked over $US3,661 to the IRS — money STOLEN from Canadian taxpayers that helped fund my son’s RDSP – and from the Canadian Treasury. The Canadian Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is taxed the same way by the US (from my US tax lawyer, explaining why I had to pay $US3,661 to the IRS):

    1. If the sponsor / Holder of an RDSP (or RESP for that matter) is a US person then (US person analysis of the beneficiary is irrelevant):

    a. The income generated by the RDSP is taxed to the US person sponsor currently as it is earned

    b. The grant is taxed to the US person sponsor when it is distributed to the beneficiary

    c. US person sponsor must file 3520A annually

    d. US person sponsor must file 3520 annually

    2. If the sponsor / Holder of a RDSP (or RESP) is NOT a US person, AND the beneficiary is a US person then:

    a. The income generated by the RDSP (RESP) is taxed to the US beneficiary currently as it is earned

    b. The grant is taxed to the US person beneficiary when it is distributed

    c. US person beneficiary must file 3520 annually (no 3520A)

    Neither RDSPs nor RESPs are covered by the Canada / US Tax Treaty.

    My Canadian-born son is not protected by his country, Canada. If the US entraps those most vulnerable, as my son, Canada has a moral duty to remedy that consequence.

    The money I paid to the US IRS because I was the Holder of my Canadian-born son’s RDSP, is theft from the Canadian taxpayers who help fund my son’s RDSP.

    Adult parents and legal guardians are prevented by US law from relinquishing/renouncing their children or ward’s US citizenship status on their behalf.

    So, why is it that US extraterritorial citizenship-based taxation does not then exclude those deemed legally incompetent (by US laws) of the burdens of taxation predicated on the very status (citizenship) which it also FORCES them to retain (many for life) – because it states that they are incompetent to understand the status, and to form a decision to retain or renounce it?

    The FBAR online instructions state that children (deemed ‘US taxable persons’) should complete and submit THEIR OWN FBAR themselves – an absurd and offensive instruction to impose on a minor whom US law states is legally incompetent/immature. It is completely unacceptable that the US should instruct children that their local legal birthday and education savings accounts are reportable (and PENALIZABLE) to an agency called “FINANCIAL CRIMES ENFORCEMENT NETWORK” merely because they are outside the US, and have either a US parent, or a US birthplace. This would apply to those adults deemed incompetent as well.

    The FBAR treats ourselves and our children and wards as criminals.

    Where is the presumption of innocence before guilt?

    And how can the US government and US law maintain the fiction that minors and those deemed legally incompetent due to immaturity or physical/psychological/mental/intellectual conditions are incompetent to understand the ‘benefits’ of US citizenship, yet are competent enough to be mandated to file their own FBARs, and to be US taxpayers?

    The US taxes and penalizes the education and disability savings and grants of our children and dependents outside the US – despite giving tax preferred or deferred status to the US equivalent accounts.

    The US deprives our children and dependents who are deemed to be US citizen-taxpayers ‘abroad’ of the benefits it extends to ALL US residents (whether citizens or not).

    So, entrapment into a US-defined US citizenship and the consequences of US citizenship-based taxation as a life sentence because THESE cannot renounce for any amount of money paid to any US tax lawyer or US tax accountant.

    2) What will be the Liberal position on the FAUX claim of RECIPROCITY in the IGA that the Harper Conservative government signed with the US?

    Please see correspondence to one Conservative MP on this subject at this post. http://isaacbrocksociety.ca/2015/02/04/will-canada-turn-a-blind-eye-to-the-igas-faux-reciprocity/

    Thank you very much for taking an interest in this subject. One million Canadians, their spouses, their children, their business partners, their friends will want to know before they decide who to vote for or who to give one dollar of political contributions to. In the meantime, my donations go to the non-profit Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty, http://www.adcs-adsc.ca/ as I believe Canadians should be very concerned about their country’s sovereignty, the signing and implementation of the US FATCA IGA being one very egregious example of its loss.

    Carol T
    Calgary, AB, Canada

    From: Volunteer Bénévole (Liberal / Assistance)
    Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2015 11:48 AM
    To: Caroltapanila
    Subject: Re: Reply from the Liberal Party of Canada – FACTA

    … Be part of the change | Faites partie du changement …

    Volunteer Volunteer Bénévole (Liberal / Assistance)

    Feb 4, 13:48

    Ms T.,

    Thank you for taking the time to write to us regarding the implications the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) has on some Canadians. As you can see the Liberal Party has taken a stand on this issue.

    As you may know, in February of 2014 the Government of Canada entered into an intergovernmental agreement with the U.S. regarding FATCA requirements. Under these rules the Canada Revenue Agency will collect tax information on Canadians who are U.S. citizens and then hand that information over to the IRS. While the US has the right to target tax evaders using offshore accounts, targeting hard working Canadians who pay taxes is unfair.

    Before the agreement which came into effect on July 1, the Liberal Party of Canada raised the issue in Question Period, pressing the Conservative government to do the right thing for Canadians. We believe that the Government of Canada should stand up for honest, hardworking people who have been caught up by overly complex American tax rules. They are not tax cheats and we encouraged Stephen Harper to stand up for them.

    We also have concerns that the agreement reached with the U.S. may not stand up to a Constitutional challenge given that it forces the banks to treat clients differently based on their national origin, something forbidden by Section 15 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    The Government of Canada has a responsibility to stand up for its citizens when foreign governments are encroaching on their rights. The deal reached between the Government and the U.S. is insufficient to protect affected Canadians. Liberals believe Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird should have asked the U.S. for amnesty against penalties as the IRS’s Foreign Bank Account Reporting requirements were not adequately communicated to dual-citizens living in Canada. In addition, we encouraged Finance Minister Joe Oliver to work to amend the agreement so that the IRS would not tax savings vehicles such as TFSAs and RESPs. We were pleased to learn these registered plans have since been exempted from reporting by the banks but continue to worry that the IRS may view them as taxable when dual citizens file their returns.

    For more information on how FATCA affects Canadians, you can visit the Department of Finance website at: http://www.fin.gc.ca/n14/14-018-eng.asp

    Thank you again for writing.

    Kind regards,

    Joe Holland, Volunteer
    Liberal Party of Canada

  28. Gordon says:

    Don’t know if this is the forum for it, but I’m building a parody video called the Harper Dance (Neutron Dance) to release during Federal Election. Not saying it will be the difference maker, but diversity of ideas to cause thought for change can only help. Have production crew in place with discount costs. Need support through Kickstarter under the title HARPER DANCE. Opening lines..”Got voted in with 24%….but I act like I am somehow heaven sent….Didn’t tell you all the things I’d do…And I changed some laws to make sure they’d go through”. His spawn, Christy Clark, is using his playbook to dismantle BC. A double whammy out west.

  29. Paul Mac Isaac says:

    Please add me to any mailing list you may have as I believe every Canadian who still believes in democracy and wants to stem the growing tide of fascism by Stephen Harper should consider it a duty to stop his reign of terror.

  30. winterseeker says:

    This blog is stunning, I will be poring through this for weeks and months to come. Canadians should thank leaders like you trying to bring common sense and long-term understanding and remembrance of this governments actions lest they be repeated again. This resource will work wonders to keep people informed, aware and engaged, so you should be very proud of this database (I can only imagine how difficult it must be too write at times, as it’s pretty much all bad news…).

    I’ll do my best to spread this information like wildfire – and perhaps there is much more we can do! A thunderclap to build more followers/spread a special campaign/event, sell/mail professional “Harpers Chips” or perhaps even a kickstarter to fund and document a snazzy site/doc/book??

    Looking forward to a Canada without Harper in power, very soon!

    • TheAlektera says:

      Thank you so much Winterseeker! It can be a bit depressing at times, but we are heartened to hear that there are so many Canadians who feel the same way about the Harper government and that there are many working toward the common goal of ousting him and his cronies from power. Soon.
      Please do visit http://www.hchips.ca and print out your own Harper Chips to distribute. As you said, the more ways we can disseminate this information, the better!

  31. Gordon says:

    I’ve tried this once with no response. Not sure if this is the wrong venue…I’ve rewritten the lyrics to Neutron Dance to become Harper Dance outlining the damages done to our Great White North. I’m looking for financial support to put the professional musician in place to record before he goes on tour. IDEAS?

  32. Sustainable Song says:

    thanks for all of your work for keeping us informed

  33. James says:

    Nice website. I will have to put links to my site as well.

    Great articles. Good job. Let’s stop Harper.


  34. The Thorn says:

    Hi Harper Watch,

    Could we have your email address to send you a press release for ‘Beans’?

    Alternately, you can find it here: http://beanscomiconline.com/2015/08/02/the-never-ending-campaign-begins/

    The Thorn

  35. Eric James says:

    Great links. We need people to know what Harper is doing to Canada! Check out this project too:

  36. oblettejm says:

    So nice to see all of Harper’s shit under one roof. Awesome job!!
    We just launched a little boardgame on Kickstarter called Minister Most Sinister to stir things up. Get Prime Sinister Stevie out in under 20 minutes!

  37. For those interested in those associated to stephen harper or friends of stephen harper, from Michael Sona forward there’s this: http://friendsofstephenharper.blogspot.ca/

  38. demise1 says:

    Great Site!! I am selling the domain http://anybodybutharper.com. If you’re interested click on the link and it will take you to the auction site!

  39. Judson says:

    It was great to meet you today. I hope we can stay in touch-!

  40. Jeff Boulton says:

    We’re currently producing a documentary called ‘Harperman: A Dissident Serenade’ and we’re raising the budget through an Indiegogo campaign. Check it out and share it with your networks. Donate if you’re so inclined. http://igg.me/at/harpermanmovie/x/638781

  41. Enid says:

    We (the band ENID PENIS) thank you for all your hard work! You’ve been an inspiration and great resource.

    In fact, you might want to check out ‘Little Stevie Harper’ https://youtu.be/TFY2a0Y4I2A
    And take the HARPER QUIZ: http://enidpenis.com/harper-quiz/
    Or even get your Free Digital Condom (??) http://enidpenis.com/littlestevieharper/

    But mainly … Together on the 19th!

  42. John V says:

    Good job sir. I hope you do one last post, an itemized summary of all the things that Trudeau needs to repair/undo to fix the damage that Harper has done. I’ve been trying to make such a list, but compiling the information is daunting as there is so much.
    We are FREE. Congrats Canada.

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