A new initiative has been launched! lists Harper’s crimes as he chips away at Democracy. It also gives you the opportunity to sign up to print your own HChips cards to distribute as far and wide as you can, to help inform Canadians about the many ways in which Harper is changing this country for the worse. Every month, new Chips will be added and tagged for easy reference.  Check it out and spread the word!

Check out – Whats Up 


2 Responses to Events

  1. lawrencepd says:

    I would like my esssays poster on harperwatch. They can be found at I argue that Stephen Harper is a fascist, terrorist, and war criminal. I think we need to organize in the name of the political project that negates the negation of Canadian democracy. Moreover, meeting similar minded people and engaging in dialectic thought is worthwhile.


  2. bubblebustin says:

    I can’t find any coverage here of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act Intergovernmental Agreement (FATCA IGA) the Harper Government slipped into BillC-31, basically making discrimination legal in Canada. The agreement requires all Canadian banks to collect information on its banking customers who show US indicia, where it will be scrutinized by the CRA then forwared to the IRS. A lawsuit against the Harper government has now commenced on this issue:

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